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The Mission

To disrupt the crypto space with laughter and authenticity, proving that value can be found in the most unexpected places. $FART is here to remind everyone that investment can be fun and inclusive.

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Join us on this hilarious journey to change the face of cryptocurrency. With $FART, you're not just investing in a digital asset; you're becoming part of a community that finds joy in the lighter side of life.

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Fart Vault
Est. 20 Apr 2024
We are going to store all the uploaded farts in a cold storage deep inside earth for future generations to enjoy.
Space Farts
Est. 20 Apr 2025
We will broadcast our farts into the space to send a message to the aliens. The sound will also bounce back from the planets which lets NASA get a sniff.
Colonize Mars
Est. 20 Apr 2026
All your fart contributions will be sent to the space on a hard drive - destination mars.

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